Reef Science is a Benefit Corporation whose primary function is gathering and disseminating scientific data on global reef ecosystems and ocean chemistry to help scientists worldwide better understand their interactions.  The benefit corporation acts similar to a non-profit in that all "profits" (that is to say any money left over after we take our income from research grants, donations, or gear shop sales and subtract expenses to pay salaries, feed the crew, maintain lab equipment, and maintain the research vessel) are used to benefit low income coastal communities.  These funds are primarily used in education programs, waste management programs, recycling, and women owned small business development; however, we often come across good causes that just deserve support that don't really fall in any category.

Meet Our Team:


Capt. Stephan

Principal Scientist

Stephan is a chemical engineer with over 25 years of experience in water chemistry.  He has a passion for the ocean and is an avid sailor.  Stephan is the founding member of Reef Science and is our Principal Scientist.  He leads the research expeditions, raises funds for research, participates in data collection, and occasionally washes dishes in the research vessel galley.


Open Position

Principal Marine Biologist

We are currently looking for a marine biologist with a passion for work on reef systems with particular focus on the Mesoamerican reef system (and a little sailing skills wouldn't hurt).


First Officer Sue

Chief Financial Officer

Sue has extensive experience with business management having begun her career with a large moving truck rental company, working her way up from a clerk position at a single store to regional manager.  Sue was the VP of the largest mortgage bank in Montana for a time, and now runs a wine retail store & wine bar that began with just a few thousand dollars and now has over a million dollars in sales a year!  She has a keen eye for stretching our budget and is pretty damn good at the helm!


The rest of the team:

Dive Master / Bosun

Diver / data collection / chef

Engineer / IT / data collection

Diver / deckhand

Diver / Chemist

Diver / Logistics

Marine Biologist

Grant Manager

Web Designer

Gear shop manager


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